Highly proactive approach

If a claim occurs, our in-house claims team manage the process of agreeing and setting the claim. We are aware that a serious claim can have an adverse effect on business and our claims team will dedicate time and effort to work towards a swift and successful outcome.

Because we thoroughly review and agree the policy wording with our clients at the inception of the policy, there will be no surprises about what risks are covered. Our approach is highly proactive; our team understands the market and is prepared to forcibly argue claims on behalf of our clients.

Claims Handling

Brunel recognise that the proactive and sensitive handling of claims is of paramount importance to all firms. A bespoke protocol regarding notification and day to day handling can be developed to better suit your client handling needs.

Brunel Claims Service Principles:-

• Fighting the client’s corner – foremost, protecting our client’s interests.

• Advising on the drafting of claims notifications and provision of appropriate information – considering HLB Kidsons v Lloyds
  Underwriters, differing policy notification requirements etc.

• Consultancy and expert advice – advising on claims issues providing context, input and clarification in relation
   to claims developments or action by the insurer.

• Keeping claims “on track” – facilitating the efficient and successful resolution of claims – guiding both the insurer and
   insured from our own experience of similar issues. Facilitating the procedural aspects and mechanics of settlement.

• Reassurance that we are 100% on our client’s side and standing with them.

• Supporting our client, whether it by being on call, by meeting or through mediation or trial attendance.

• Keeping the insurer “on risk” – assessing and positively resolving coverage issues or “policy points”.

• Thinking outside of the box – providing additional lateral input as the situation demands.

• Consideration and assistance with wider issues – reputational issues, commercial interests