Insurance for charities and not-for-profit organisations is complex and requires expertise and due diligence to fully understand the main risks. The issues typically range from statutory, reputational, balance sheet protection, the inclusion of abuse cover, and contractual obligations.

Trustees of charities have many responsibilities both personally and corporately, and it is imperative to ensure the key risk exposures are fully understood and a rational approach to insurance purchasing is undertaken. Some risk exposures do not necessarily need to be insured; they can be managed through positive and integrated risk management solutions.

By taking the time to get to know your organisation, we put your unique needs first and deliver practical tailor-made insurance solutions for charities that give you complete confidence in your protection. We will ensure that you meet all your contractual obligations set out by the CQC and Local Authority Contracts.

We continually review insurance companies within the market to ensure we provide comprehensive coverage, understanding that charities continuously innovate in their activities both in terms of the care provided and also from fundraising.

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