Across the Brunel Group we work with a large number of:-

  • Managing agents
  • Fund and asset managers
  • SIPP and SSAP pension scheme providers
  • Property owners
  • Developers
  • Private property owners and buy to let portfolios

Our approach and expertise includes:-

  • Review of lenders requirements and covenants
  • Non-conventional terrorism capacity
  • Construction projects
  • Access to a reinstatement valuation service
  • Latent defects insurance
  • Environmental liabilities
  • Premium allocation and tenant certificates support

An issue that can affect all of the above is the risk of Underinsurance. Did you know that approximately 90% of UK properties are incorrectly insured and 66% are underinsured by at least a third? Properties should always be insured for the full amount it would cost to rebuild them. Click here to view our ‘Implications of Underinsurance’ resource to find out further information.

Brunel Insurance Brokers Ltd partners with Rebuild Cost Assessment (RCA) to offer our clients an affordable alternative to costly and time-consuming on-site surveys.

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