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Construction insurance can be provided across a range of different construction industries, from home building, project managers, scaffolding, roofing contractors and joinery manufacturers. Construction insurance is the name given to insurance policies that provide coverage for damage, third party injuries or damage claims. If you are new to the construction industry in general, you are probably finding the navigation of insurance confusing. 


We’ve put together a little guide to help you get the right insurance for your company and keep you safe. We want to summarise the main types of insurance that you should be aware of for your construction projects.


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Why Do You Need Construction Insurance?

When constructing a building, it’s possible that you will experience property damage eg. fallen trees, power outage, roof damage or flooding. Income loss can occur due to theft, vandalism or heavy worker turnover, injuries to employees and liability claims. 


People who will benefit from construction insurance are: 

– Homebuilders & developers 

– General contractors 

– Heavy contractors 

– Specialised contractors 

– Home improvement companies

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is a common type of business insurance that protects companies against liabilities for third party injuries or their property.

This type of cover is particularly important if you’re working near other people and their property, which of course you will be in the construction industry. This should be renewed every 12 months.

This is wide-branching in the construction industry, as there may be a number of additional factors and risks that you will need to consider when construction projects are conducted around the general public.

This can also serve to protect stakeholders, site visitors and other individuals that may be affected by the risks of an accident occurring. It provides peace of mind that the business is covered in case of an incident.

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Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance protects you against liability for injury to people and their property, arising from the products you supply, manufacturer or import. If you supply, manufacture or import any products, this is the perfect cover for you.

Employer Liability Insurance

Employers liability insurance is compulsory for employers, regardless of if the employee is permanent, temporary, volunteer, contractor or freelance. The minimum level of protection will cover the cost of compensation claims if staff get injured or fall as a result of carrying out their required duties.

Contractors All Risk Insurance

This type of insurance protects you against any physical damage to works or site materials that you have been contracted to carry out. 

Contractors all risk helps your staff if they cause damage to a part of a property that they were contracted to work on. It gives you a full coverage policy to cover any costs associated with fixing the damage to the property.

This is a policy that you may wish to consider should your business carry out a number of works and work on-site. This can serve to protect company reputation & manage the various risks that may occur on site.


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Plant & Equipment Insurance

This type of insurance covers you for equipment that you are leasing and are responsible for if it is lost or damaged. When you lease items of plant, you enter into a contract with the hiring company, which means you are responsible for the plant while it is in your control.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance protects against claims for loss or damages arising from professional negligence or negligent advice. If you hold design responsibility for a site, you should consider professional indemnity insurance. 

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